musicology #507

CoversWeek2 #4

(Cornell Campbell – Ten To One)

Slipping back into the sweet sounds of Jamaica for today’s cut with a piece by one of the islands great artists the MAJESTIC and pioneering Cornell Campbell . A Cat who begun his recording career at the tender age of 11 in the mid 1950’s for Coxsone, moved on to record with King Edwards in the mid 60’s, harmonised within ‘The Sensations’ for Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle, returned triumphantly to Studio 1 with ‘The Eternals’ and then begun a long solo career that continues HALF A CENTURY later to this day.

Here heard cutting his teeth on a Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions soul classic. As far as I’m concerned an absolute marrow trembler from start to finish and yet another musical diamond mined from the Studio1 archives. One listen should leave us in no doubt as to the influence both Curtis Mayfield and Coxsone Dodd had on Jamaican musicology….LISTEN TUNE.


6 thoughts on “musicology #507

  1. coo..your not wrong, this track really is the epitome ofthe ‘sweet sound of Jamaica’, I hope
    we get to hear more of this artist courtesy of the vaults!..


  2. a real gem ….. thanks
    the way it rolls along is terrific and his voice just glides along in harmony much like Curtis and his tunes


  3. It’s taken me a while to draw courage to post what may seem a negative comment. This cut really didn’t do anything for me emotionally, and I’ve been trying to work out why. Neurologists have been working for years to find the link between the long term memory and the brain’s emotion centre, in an effort to explain the evocative nature of music. I think this must be the answer: I have nothing in my long term memory to link me with this song, or indeed most other Jamaican music, other than maybe Prince Buster’s Al Capone which was a hit in my teens, and certainly triggers memories. Lots of other music provides the trigger, but not this one. That is not to say I didn’t enjoy listening to it because I did.


    1. Ian..for me honesty could only ever be a positive. In no way could I take your comments as negative they are always measured and thoughtful. You are obviously a music lover and I value the dialogue greatly. music connects and through it, (i believe), we learn and gain meaningful insight into both ourselves and the world around us, (or at least I have/do).
      Glad to hear you liked the Dennis Brown cover.
      your comments are not only appreciated but always welcome


  4. Not on your own on this one Ian. Compared to the imcomparable Impressions cut this cover doesn’t do it.

    From front cover to liner notes, the 1964 album this song is taken from is an absolute gem.

    “The Never Ending Impressions”

    “Sister Love” (Curtis Mayfield)
    “Little Boy Blue” (Mayfield)
    “Satin Doll” (Duke Ellington, Johnny Mercer, Billy Strayhorn)
    “Girl You Don’t Know Me” (Mayfield)
    “I Gotta Keep on Moving” (Mayfield)
    “You Always Hurt the One You Love” (Doris Fisher, Allan Roberts)
    “That’s What Love Will Do” (Mayfield)
    “I’m So Proud” (Mayfield)
    “September Song” (Maxwell Anderson, Kurt Weill)
    “Lemon Tree” (Will Holt)
    “Ten to One” (Mayfield)
    “A Woman Who Loves Me” (Mayfield)

    Every one a winner!!!!!!!
    (I had it once and lost it… I’d love to get my hands on a copy again).

    Just so you’s don’t think I’m stuck in some sort of time warp, Dennis Brown’s version of “It’s Too Late” is better than the original (but I think we’ve been here before on themusicologist)


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