musicology #504

CoversWeek2 #1

(Hortense Ellis – Sitting In The Park)

This week I’m revisiting an earlier musicology theme concerning cover versions. Cat’s got my tongue a piece today and I have plenty to do regarding ‘the project’ so I’ll just get straight down to business and kick off the proceedings with  Hortense Ellis’s top ranking Studio1 version of Billy Stewart’s Soul classic ‘Sitting In The Park’. Always been a bit of a mystery to me why there are so few female singers to have emerged from Jamaica…The only three I can think of are Marcia Griffiths, Phyllis Dillon and Hortense Ellis?..During her career Hortense recorded for all the top producers Coxsone, Duke Reid, Lee Perry, Bunny Lee, Gussie Clarke but, (like 99% of all Jamaican artists), never had any great commercial success….shame.


6 thoughts on “musicology #504

  1. Niceee cover of Billy Stewart’s great original.. I like the way this particular theme is kicking off.

    Strange, not that long ago I listened to a cracking two hour radio programme about one composition which has been covered by literally all the greatest musicians/artists. I’ve always liked the tune in question, butI didn’t know what a groundbreaking piece of music Take Five was (I also thought Dave Brubeck was the composer….. you can never learn enough!).


  2. Well there’s Millicent Small (Millie) of” My Boy Lollipop” fame – it was my sister’s favourite song in 1964 !. I also have a couple of cuts by Precious Wilson including a half-decent disco style cover of “Killing Me Softly”. And another daughter of Jamaica is Grace Jones, but then you maybe don’t class her as a singer, at least not a soul singer.


    1. I forgot to mention Doreen Schaffer…
      Grace Jones is certainly a singer and you’re right she is Jamaican
      Millie only made that one song if memory serves me right?


  3. I must say I prefer this cover to the Billy Stewart original…I’ve always liked the song but there’s something about his voice that jarred with me, so this was a treat to come home to…


  4. As far as I recall yes, George Benson got an airing too. But the progamme was more a documentary than a musical experience. Lots of history, technical stuff, academic insights, an’ all that jazz…. I was knocked out by it… in a nice way!!!!

    Not overdoing the plaudits, but……. the composition “Take Five” was a very important milestone along the 20th centurys’ musical path.


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