musicology #503

SoulBoy #22

(Eloise Laws – Put A Little Love Into It)

Final cut on the SoulBoy and I’m going to wrap it up with this 1977 cut on the Invictus label set up by Eddie and Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier. The songwriting and production team largely responsible for much of Motown’s success between 1962-67. Sung by the daughter of Hubert Laws Snr, sister of Hubert, Ronnie and Debra.


3 thoughts on “musicology #503

  1. What a pity we have to stop, just when I am really getting warmed up. I guess all good things have to come to an end (I hope only temporarily) and they say you can have too much of a good thing. What do “they” know? I don’t believe that for a minute. And I’m sure you don’t either, not where Soul music is concerned anyway. Thanks for sharing the wonderful sounds with us. A short comment on this track : the musicianship is superb. I could listen to that bass guitar over and over and never get bored.


    1. Ian,
      you’re right I don’t.
      a pleasure…music should be shared in my opinion.
      as for the musicianship on this cut…yet again spot on. no surprise though with Holland Dozier and Holland at the controls.


  2. what a brilliant track!!!…..had me up and dancing,
    I liked her voice but was bowled over by the musicians doing their thing, could NOT sit down, what a great way to end the soulboy theme…dancing!


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