musicology #502

SoulBoy #21

(Ann Peebles – Give Me Some Credit)

last few cuts on the SoulBoy..looking forward to listening back to the theme in all it’s glory. almost impossible when in the eye of a theme. So without further delay hold this quality cut from Soul songstress Ann Peebles.


2 thoughts on “musicology #502

  1. Anne Peebles, a great voice with a brass section and bass guitar backing. Poor Eddie Ray in #501 deserved the same but only got guitar and bongos. I found a a reference that described him thus – “Prix’s central singing talent was the luckless Eddie Ray, who stopped performing alongside Sam & Dave just before they signed with Atlantic “. Bad timing Eddie.


  2. I am SUCH a fan of hers…one of my all time faves
    is her Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down..but I think this slice is even more suited to her vocal
    talents…I know what you mean Ian about the the Eddie Ray number but I must say I found the simple backing very complementary to his voice…


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