musicology #497

SoulBoy #16

(The Fundamentals – Before It’s Too Late)

Through the ups, downs, highs, lows, hills and gullys of my life the only ever present is the soundtrack. To put it simply I am passionate about music in a way that is sometimes frightening. I Lose all sense of time and as long as I have music as a guide no mountain is too high to climb, (and I’ve found myself at the foot of quite a few !), If truth be told I could, (and would be happy to), spend my whole life bathing in musical waters….but before I can do that I need to make my play and at the moment I’m busy setting up the next phase of the project. It had to take a back seat for the last 9 months as the threads of my life unraveled….but as they say in France…C’est La Vie and one thing’s for sure “I plan to stay a believer”.. That’s not to say that I’m completely out of the woods..that will take some time but it feels to me like I’m on the right track.

Anyway…denough of the ramblings and back to the SoulBoy with today’s beautiful piece of 1967 Vocal Group action from out of Chi’.


2 thoughts on “musicology #497

  1. I detect optimism in what you write, and in the choice of a “sunshine” track, a sense that winter’s nearly over and spring is on its way, as the snowdrops are finally blooming in our garden. It’s a time for happy music to lift our spirits and make us think of the good times to come. I can feel the endorphins are flowing as I type, I hope yours are too.



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