musicology #494

SoulBoy #13

(Angie Stone – Everyday)

Another day another Soul dollar..sticking with The Ladies for the next few days, (seems rude not to !!), but (almost), moving into the 21st Century with this cut from the magnificent Angie Stone..yet another artist who started out singing Gospel..Have to be quick today as I’m on a course refreshing my screen printing skills so can’t wax lyrical..

Today’s 1999 cut is highlighted from Ms Stone’s debut set ‘Black Diamond’ written by D’Angelo. QUALITY mod/ernist Soul from one of themusicologists favourite contemporary artists.


5 thoughts on “musicology #494

  1. Call me a music “snob” if you like, but really wouldn’t call this “soul”. It’s probably my age, I am a child of the sixties, a decade when they really were “soul” singers.
    Best Wishes,


    1. Ian..
      for me ‘Soul’ is music that speaks to mine..not many contemporary singers seem to but Angie Stone, India Arie both do.
      hear you on the sixties though still..


  2. MY WORD….the female soulartists tracks your
    throwing down are fanatastic!!!!..once again I’m bowled over!


  3. You’re right, it’s you show and you should play that which speaks to you. My preference is for “soul” music which is faithful to the sound that was first called “soul”. A contemporary exponent is the Welsh singer Duffy. Her voice is a direct descendant of Dusty Springfield. A girl doesn’t have to be black to touch the soul.


    1. Ian..for me one of musics greatest qualities is that it transcends ALL boundries so I agree skin colour doesn’t come into it. I was lucky in that I grew up listening to all kinds of music thanks to my mum, dad, Uncles Johnny and Phil so by the time I was old enough, (age 10), to start buying and collecting myself I had no idea that music ‘belonged’ to any one group. Also many of the friends I grew up on London’s inner city streets with were from the Caribbean and I spent time in their homes without ‘race’ being an issue so for me music wasn’t ‘black’ or ‘white’ just in the words of Louis Armstrong ‘good or bad’. Your comment the other day got me thinking about ‘Soul’ and I concluded that the major factor was whether or not it ‘spoke’. So Dinah Washington sings Soul same way John Coltrane plays it. Not that I’m planning on including either of them in the theme but that was my train of thought. Greatly enjoyed and appreciated yesterday’s Bettye Lavette cut, (thank you), hopefully It will be the first of many musicologist collaborations. Can’t say I’m familiar with Duffy other than her name and what I hear via my children who have their own tastes but you are obviously a man who knows his onions so that’s enough for me to give her a listen.


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