musicology #491

SoulBoy #10

(Candi Staton – To Hear You Say You’re Mine)

Listening back over the SoulBoy I realised that the Ladies hadn’t got a look in !! so this week I aim to rectify that and roll with some female action..starting with this one from the SUPERB Candi Staton. Yet another graduate from the school of Gospel..(where almost ALL the greatest Soul Singers started), Candi Staton is best known for ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ but at the end of the 60’s and into the early 70’s she recorded for Rick Hall and his majestic Fame label from whence today’s cut came.


5 thoughts on “musicology #491

  1. I wondered if you would get around to the female soul voice. There are so many well known ones, but one of my favourite lesser known soul singers is Bettye Lavette. One of her slower songs, “Easier To Say (Than Do)” maybe would fit in if you haven’t already got the week’s playlist sorted.


  2. beautiful soul……… great voice just like I remember from back then. there are a great many great female singers so good luck choosing…..


  3. “Easier To Say (Than Do)” is from a compilation album “Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart” released in 2006 but must have been recorded around 1970. How can I get it to you?


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