musicology #484


(D-Train – You’re The One For Me)

for the next 3 days, (starting today), themusicologist is going AWOL so the SoulBoy posts are going to be short but, at least as far as the music is concerned, sweet. Truth is I am starting a foundation course today and I’ll be busy with it until Sunday night so with that in mind…

Today’s cut is a classic piece of Soul from the early 1980’s. BIG on the Jazz Funk scene that rocked London’s underground towards the end of the 70’s, (in reaction to the commercialisation of Disco),  and lasted right up until the mid 80’s, (before Rare Groove took up the batton)

One of my favourite cuts from the period, D-Train consisted of James “D Train” Williams on lead vocals and Hubert Eaves III, (former member of funk and soul outfit Mtume), as instrumentalist. This was the version that moved the crowd mainly due to the introduction..

“With the love I have inside of me we can turn this world around,
we can live through all eternity and we’ll never touch the ground,
We’ll take a chance to ride apoun a star to a place that’s far away,
The light of love will shine on us forever and a day….”

Soul Weekender Crew…all yours..


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