musicology #481

PoliceAndThieves #6

(Junior Murvin – Police&Thieves)

Last day of this theme but before the final cut I would like to elucidate on the my thoughts and inspiration for laying it down. various parts of London, (and many other parts of the world), in the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s were a battleground as the old world began to give way to the new and the front line soldiers were the police. Stop and search was a BIG problem that only served to alienate ‘us’ from ‘them’. In my experience community policing gave way to bullying and now we live in a society where for many the Police are the oppressors.

Of course the argument could, (and does as far as some are concerned), run that fire needs to be fought with fire but on the other hand the Tao maintains that the ‘way’ to deal with ‘yang’ (fire) is with ‘Yin’ (water) and I have to state wholeheartedly that I recent experience has highlighted that fire burns whilst water soothes..anyone who has been in such a situation must know of what I speak?. I’m not blaming those individuals who join ‘the force’ as ‘a wo/man has to do what a wo/man has to do’ in order to survive. My belief is that the responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of those who crack the whip….

Could only be this one to finish up..Junior Murvin’s international 1976 ‘hit’ … Supremely produced and mixed by Lee Perry.


One thought on “musicology #481

  1. this piece of music is superb in so many ways..
    what a voice!!…its one of those tunes that I dont
    want to end!..


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