musicology #479

PoliceAndThieves #4

(NWA – Fuck The Police)

So much to do and so little time in which to do…the bane of the 21st Century and as we move deeper into the ‘Age Of Insecurity’ the question I sometimes find myself asking is

“what the f**k is it all about” and by ‘it’ I mean existence…is it a game “full of sound and fury signifying nothing” or does it have any deeper meaning. If truth be told, (and I have said it before), for me it does have meaning and it isn’t a are for playing while I believe that life is for living.

What has this got to do with the current theme..not much. Just the way I’m rolling today…I Feel good, great in fact and I just wanted to share it with you.

While searching and scanning themusicologist vaults for cuts about Police and Thieves I have concluded that musically, Thieves barely get a mention. I think Foucault wrote a book about society’s fascination with villains, (which I will have to procure for the library), but they are not well represented in musicology whereas the police on the other hand are.

Today’s cut needs no introduction..borrowed from seminal 1988 album ‘Straight Outta Compton’ featuring the harmonious talents of Ice Cube, Mc Ren, Eazy-E, Dr Dre and DJ Yella


5 thoughts on “musicology #479

  1. True, little space is given to thieves and villains in life’s pageant. Mind you, I suppose it makes sense!!

    As for “thieves barely get a mention”…. here’s one.

    “Al Capone… Guns Don’t Hurt You,
    da, da, da, da, dada, dada, da, da, da.”


  2. I love this tune … there’s a “Plod” who stands most Monday mornings on the City side of Tower Bridge looking out for tax-dodgers,seatbelt non-wearers and other nefarious ne’er-do-wells. I always try to give him a blast of this from the (very loud) Bose sound system in me jamjar … one day he’ll stop me for picking me nose or something,but I’ll be ready for ‘im !!


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