musicology #478

PoliceAndThieves #3

(Gregory Isaacs – Mr Cop)

Hmmm..don’t know what’s happened to the ‘Thieves’ selection..just have to keep rolling with the Police then…

Today’s cut is from none other than the ‘Cool Ruler’ a Cat who has been delivering TOP ranking cuts for 40…YES 40 years. which in this age of here today and gone tomorrow is no mean feat. His recording career begun in 1968 but it wasn’t until hooking up with Errol Dunkley in 1973 and setting up their African Museum label that he began his rise to the top of the Jamaican music tree working with producers such as Niney, Gussie Clarke, Roy Cousins, Alvin Ranglin and Lee Perry sealed his status as one of Jamaica’s top vocalists throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Always ahead of the game Gregory was and still is an inspiration for all Ghetto youths.

Still making TOP ranking music Gregory is the yardstick by which all Jamaican vocalists are measured…with only Dennis Brown for company. Yes there are other singers who are as good but none surpass Gregory…Lee Perry production on this one.


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