musicology #475

(Billie Holiday – My First Impression Of You)

Today will always be a very special date in my calender…our beautiful son’s birthday. The boy is 12 and I love him more than words alone could ever suggest. The kid is a constant source of joy and inspiration, (they both are), and I just want to lay one down for the kitten in an effort to express my feelings for him.

Recorded 72 years ago, (almost to the day), in New York on January 6th 1938 and featuring an all star cast of Buck Clayton, Benny Morton, Lester Young, Teddy Wilson, Freddie Green, Walter Page and Jo Jones.

Fabian this one’s ALL yours…LISTEN TUNE…..

“My first impression of you was like a sight of flowers in spring,
You were a glorious see,
My first impression of you was something indescribably new,
I stood there looking at you smiling at me,
If you had stepped right out of heaven it wouldn’t surprise me more,
I thought you were an angel from heavens door,
It may sound silly but true my heart just stopped when I caught your eye,
So overwhelming was my first impression of you”….


6 thoughts on “musicology #475

  1. Happy Birthday son of themusicologist

    Not too sure what the “first impressions” of my two kids were (I think fear was one… the huge responsibility that comes crashing over you with the first sight of your child) but the words (…..) “It may sound silly but true my heart just stopped when I caught your eye” …. rings a bell…. a very big bell!!!


  2. I get the feeling the “gloom” has lifted somewhat. I guess your family helps, as mine does in dark times. To the music…another gem, where do you find them? You must have an amazing record collection.


    1. Ian..thank you and yes you’re right..the gloom is lifting, (as it inevitably does), the children I am blessed to be a father to eventually see to that…supported by music. as to where I find them..a lifetime of listening, learning and collecting has kept me busy !
      since my earliest days on this rock of earth, air and water I have had music as guide along the way without it I would be lost.
      thanks again for taking the time out to connect…most appreciated


  3. just played that to my own son who is but a mere 54 hours old and wrapped up in his old mans arms, so thank you son your timing as always spot on x


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