musicology #470

2LegendsClash II #6

(Dinah Washington – Stairway To The Stars)

“When you get inside of a tune, the soul in you should just come out. You should just be able to step back and let that soul come right out”  -Dinah Washington-

With that in mind..


4 thoughts on “musicology #470

  1. well I took her advice and it worked a treat!
    when Dinah builds to those high notes
    she takes me totally inside of the tune and leaves
    me speechless..


    1. really? wow that was quick. I’ve been trying for almost 30 years and still have my feet on the ground !!


  2. it. you must have been referring to the quote rather than the song !!
    for me the quote is inescapable…music never allows me to just observe. un/fortunately I am compelled to participate


  3. yes the quote…its a luxuory I allow myself in small
    doses I dont find it
    easy to function when Im listening to music, especially the soaring vocals of miss D. so when I
    open the door to my soul its all the sweeter for the deffered gratification..


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