musicology #469

2LegendsClash II #5

(Billie Holiday – Travelin’ All Alone)

Still ‘Moanin’ Low’ today…like to shake the blues but they seem to be stuck to me like glue. need to get my self together..breathe some fresh air and flex but the rain won’t stop falling on my troubled mind so with that in mind I’ll try to catch some catharsis with today’s cut which as I said on day 1 of the theme is the piece that kicked off my love affair with Billie Holiday way back sometime in the late 70’s. Beautiful piece of tenor sax from The President, (Lester Young), sets the tone for Billie to cut loose and then a final flourish from clarinet master Buster Bailey to finish. Fine example of a group in complete harmony.

Recorded in New York, 13 September 1937, Released on Vocalion.

Buck Clayton, Buster Bailey, Lester Young, Claude Thornhill, Freddie Green, Walter Page, Jo Jones

I’m so weary and all alone,
Feet are tired like heavy stone,
Travelin’, travelin all alone,
Who will see and who will care,
‘Bout this load that I must bear,
Travelin’, travelin all alone,

Prayers I sent to heaven above,
‘Bout my burdens, woes and love,
Head bowed down with misery,
Nothing now appeals to me,
Travelin’, travelin all alone,

Give me just another day,
There’s one thing I want to say,
Friends, the world and all it’s gold,
Leave you always when you’re old
Travelin’, travelin all alone,


One thought on “musicology #469

  1. loved the music; them cats can play a mean tune.
    also its not often necessary to know exactly what to do next just doing anything usually leads one on ……..then your on the path again where fellow travellers await you to have adventures with……..
    see you there


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