musicology #468

2LegendsClash II #4

(Dinah Washington – If I Loved You)

“Dinah was like Judy Garland. She drew all the whores, pimps and losers. Certain entertainers draw a certain element in audiences and in friends. If a singer sings a loser’s love song, the audience identifies. ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ is a loser’s lament. ‘Blue skies’ is another. ‘Look to the rainbow’ is another. Dinah sang those. I’ll win somewhere, she sang. Dinah figured that somewhere over the rainbow she would find a man who loved her”.

-Eddie Chamblee-

Is there ANYONE out there today who can hit, (and hold), the note Dinah hits at the end of this piece? if so I beg you to bring me in…



3 thoughts on “musicology #468

  1. You’re right on the button with this one…. she sure holds that note!

    I implore you…. listen to Della Reese singing Love For Sale…. different song, different Lady, but ….. well, don’t take my word for it!


    1. that note……..
      Della…my Nan is a huge fan and I will endeavor to locate it.
      Have you heard Dinah and Billie sing the said song?


  2. Yes I have, and I’ve recently made a point of listening to it by a number of other truly great singers (interesting fact : all the top female artists of every generation since it appeared has had a go at this one). But no-one catches the soul of the song and throws/slaps it back at the audience’s emotions like the Della Reese’s Cha-Cha-Cha interpretation…. well, not for me anyway!


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