musicology #463

TheManWithTheBag #13

(Jerry Butler – Silent Night)

So the man with the bag is due tonight…no doubt the elves are working flat out and the reindeer are gearing up for the night flight. Meanwhile themusicologist is kicking back watching the box, happy, inspired and feeling capable of moving mountains. Itching to cut loose in 2010 with a few projects, shake the dust off me shoes, the monkey off me back and become who I am.

But before that…hold this cut courtesy of the appropriately named ‘ice man’ himself Jerry Butler a cat whose voice has been known to melt the coldest hearts. Listening back over this years selection last night was extremely satisfying if I do say so myself and sitting here now it could only be this one. THE Christmas song as far as I’m concerned recorded and released as a 45 on the Vee Jay Label.

Just leaves me to say Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas one and ALL. Thank you for your support over this most challenging of years, (and I’ve had a few…as I’m sure we all have), I’m raising a glass to taking no prisoners in 2010.

To be or not to be is no longer a question as I continue to learn a beautiful and liberating new language.


One thought on “musicology #463

  1. Christmas Eve…even the words fill me with emotion, for me its the best day of the year,
    shopping for the choice bits of food today was a pleasure even the supermarket had christmas songs playing and the woman on the till whished me a ‘merry christmas’…brought a tear to my eye.fanx for adding the soundtrack to this magical time with the wondefull christmasselection. ..’may your days be cheery and bright’…


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