musicology #460

TheManWithTheBag #10

(Dinah Washington – Silent Night)

Have to throw down early today, (didn’t happen !!) as we, (kids and I), are off on a little excursion up to the beautiful Lake District, (Ambleside to be precise), for a few days to kick back before Christmas and I don’t think the internet has reached there yet !! so themusicologist won’t be able to throw down until returning to the big smoke.

STOP PRESS……in fact I’m throwing this down from Ambleside in a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi..i’ll keep it as brief as possible..our daughter is on me like a rash to get on facebook but it’s, (proper), snowing up here and the junior musicologist and I have climbed a mountain today, (look out for the pics…soon come)

Today’s fine cut is courtesy of, (in my subjective opinion of course), one of the greatest singers to have ever graced the mic. A voice overflowing with expression and emotion, drawn from the deep well of existence, (and essence), when Dinah Washington opens her heart and sings even the birds stop to listen and nod in appreciation.  Born Ruth Jones, she first came to the attention of Lionel Hampton in 1943 and for the next 19 years waxed some of the most heart wrenching slices of musicology known to wo/man. Personally speaking…it’s her Mercury output that brings me to my knees, trembles my marrow and brings tears to my ‘minces’ but I could never turn Dinah off no matter what the period.  (This one is from the Mercury 78)


3 thoughts on “musicology #460

  1. No Silent Night?…..its certainly turning into a
    white christmas, bet its beautifull in the Lake District…its pretty here but the transport system
    is feelin it.!….look forward to the pics ..and the
    Dinah tune!


    1. did all the hard work but forgot to upload the Dinah cut !! it’s there now..couple of days late but certainly not any ‘dollars’ short


  2. this slice captures the very essence of christmas
    for me…the song, her voice, both seem to have
    such gravitas..pure heaven!


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