musicology #458

TheManWithTheBag #8

(The Meditation Singers – What The World Needs For Christmas)

Playing catch up these last couple days !!.  (just noticed that yesterday’s cut was missing from the music box !!!), themusicologist’s ‘drum’ is a bit of a 2 n’ 8, (but my head’s not, even though I had a tooth pulled today). Christmas is in full swing. Presents under the tree for the youts them. Nothing but the seasonal sounds playing day and night..Attended our beautiful daughters Carol service last night, (she’s in the choir), and needless to say it was BOSS. Oh yeah and the snow fell today. Don’t know how long it will last but we are all dreaming of a white one this year.

Must confess that it feels a bit strange this year but of course that’s only natural after sharing the preceeding 21 years in a deep and, at least for me, meaningful relationship but, again, such is life. My experience is that it’s not what happens to you along the way it’s how you roll with it. So with that in mind hold this cut from the majestic Meditation Singers. Formed by none other than Della Reese in 1947 members have included Earnestine Rundless, Lillian Mitchell, Marie Waters, Cassietta George and James Cleveland. Della moved on in 1953 and was replaced by Earnestine’s adopted teenage daughter Laura Lee Rundless. This piece was recorded for and released on Chess/Checker. Haven’t got the LP at hand, (in storage), so can’t remember the recording date but if memory serves me right it was 1969. One thing is for sure though…It’s TOP RANKING.



6 thoughts on “musicology #458

  1. Della Reese!! theres a name to conjure parents had an album of her’s so her voice is one
    of my earliest musical memories..this is one of
    the best of the wonderous christmasselection, turned the sound up and sung along loudly!!!
    I’m surounded by twinkling fairy lights and sparkly things ….best time o the year AND that


  2. Della Reese….. what pipes!!

    Track down and listen to her version of Cole Porter’s “Love For Sale” (it’s on the Cha-Cha-Cha album I think).

    Evocative, evocative… her treatment of Porter’s “scandalous” song still brings me out in goose-pimples!!

    Oh, by the way, Chrisssssssssssssss…. How about Max Middleton then?


    1. most welcome Bec..
      drinking ale no less !!
      We are snowed in up the Lake District. Snow fall is heavy like lead. Hope I can get out but it’s not looking likely.


  3. I first heard Della sing on the radio 1953 and
    had goose pimples….tracked her album down
    in a music shop in St. Martins Lane and played
    it to death……it was the record I put on when I
    came in from the weekend parties and sang along
    loudly to!!!


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