musicology #457

TheManWithTheBag #7

(The Kingstonians – Merry Christmas)

After a day’s sabbatical yesterday, (big night out Sunday !!), time to climb back into the musicology saddle. Also that last piece by Nitty Gritty deserved more exposure than just one evening so it all worked out for the best !! hahahahahahaha that’s the story I’m sticking to anyway.Just like to add that it was a top night had. Spent with two of the best friends a person could ever wish to know..entertained on the night by some fantastic sounds courtesy of my favourite House DJ John ‘Le Plage’, supported by a cast that included Sasha and Bushwacka. The music was quite literally top ranking as was the company I kept.

Wore my cherished red and cream Fila BJ, (original of course), vintage pair of deadstock Lee Cooper Camel coloured Jumbo Cords, Navy blue Modernist T-shirt and a Primary Blue pair of Cousteau’s courtesy of my favourite shoe company…Clae…Cats were complimenting me all night and one in particular came up and said I was the best dressed man in the house….I had to reign my ego in, (which wasn’t too hard), and I replied that I genuinely appreciated such a lovely comment.

Anyway…enough of that nd on with the music….today’s cut is another slice of the ‘Jamdown but this time it’s a slice of Rocksteady from the Kingstonians’.


3 thoughts on “musicology #457

  1. #457 ain’t showing in the box sir?

    apropos Chris Rea…. “Josephine”, “Fool (if You Think it’s Over)”, “On The Beach”…. ring any bells?

    Here’s a bit of Lewis Carroll nonsense…..

    How doth the little crocodile
    Improve his shining tail,
    And pour the waters of the Nile
    On every golden scale!

    How cheerfully he seems to grin
    How neatly spreads his claws,
    And welcomes little fishes in,
    With gently smiling jaws!

    it made me smile!


  2. brilliant line ….”enjoy your time, its worthwhile”…
    that just about sums up christmas for me…I have so many wonderful memories of this magical time
    of year and they never fail to make me smile!


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