musicology #453

TheManWithTheBag #3

(Butterbeans & Susie – Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus)

Top ranking slice of the Christmas pie courtesy of three swingin’ Cats, Butterbeans & Susie, (Jodie Edwards and Susie Hawthorne), a long standing and much loved Vaudeville duo who teamed up in 1916 !! and Jazz pianist Eddie Heywood….who went on to play with such luminaries as Billie Holiday, Benny ‘King’ Carter and Coleman Hawkins as wel as performing in his own right. Recorded in New York City, (ahhh…New York…what memories), on Wednesday August 13th 1930 and released on an OKeh 78.


One thought on “musicology #453

  1. another gem! and a perfect example of the
    timeless quality of good music… recorded80 years
    ago and still has me shimmying along with


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