musicology #451

TheManWithTheBag #1

(The Wailers – Christmas Time)

The time has come to roll out this years Christmas selection..what a difference a year makes !! could never have imagined that my/our whole world would have turned on it’s head but in the words of Lord Creator…Such Is Life or even master Terry Callier, C’est La Vie..(yet to feature but soon come), if I thought 2008 was a hill and gully ride then F**k knows what to call 2009 !! still..we made it through and I’m feeling very positive about the prospects for 2010, (couldn’t get any worse?…hahahahahahahahaha…I gots to laugh), one thing about adversity…you either get through it and emerge stronger or it gets the best of you and f**ks you good and proper. For all the Cats on both sides of this fence…I feel for you..know that musically themusicologist has ‘got your back’ and if you want me to lay one down especially for you then check me and I’ll see what I can do.

First cut is a top ranking slice of the Christmas musicology pie from None other than the Wailin’ Wailers (Peter, Bob and Bunny), with a majestic piece of rip roaring Ska out of the bowels of Sir Coxsone Dodds legendary Studio 1. Originally released in December 1964 as a 45 in JA on Dodd’s Muzik City label as ‘Christmas Is Here’ backed, (of course), by The Skatalites


5 thoughts on “musicology #451

  1. YEAHHHA…the ‘Christmas Selection’..
    even the words thrill me, one o the highlights
    of my Christmas is the fabulous music lead into
    the Big Day courtesy of the Musicologist! I shall
    enjoy every note of em..fanx


  2. Great tune.

    “one thing about adversity…you either get through it and emerge stronger or it gets the best of you and f**ks you good and proper.”

    True. So, so painfully true!

    Living in the foreign, Christmas time isn’t that kind to me (or me to it, truth be known…. ho-ho-ho). It’s a real culture shock. No offence intended yet after spending 24 of the last 25 Christmases away from home an’ hearth I still suffer “Xmas Blues”. Still, as another wise man once said… “You made your bed, lie in it”.

    P.S. But that “1” was massive. A “bunker”of fun, cheer and Christmas spirit with my large, extended family…. Won’t ever be forgotten!

    While I’m about it, a request. “Driving Home For Christmas” – Chris Rae.

    The next request (pleaseee).

    Run, Run, Rudolph by Chuck Berry


  3. Methinks you’re telling a little porky there…. it goes something like this……

    “Driving home for Christmas
    Oh, I can’t wait to see those faces
    I’m driving home for Christmas, yea
    Well I’m moving down that line
    And it’s been so long
    But I will be there
    I sing this song
    To pass the time away
    Driving in my car
    Driving home for Christmas”


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