musicology #449

3 Is TheMagicNumber #2

(Beres Hammond – Always Be There)

Small piece frazzled today..didn’t have a late one, (home by 1:30am), but people kept offering to buy me drinks once they found out it was my birthday and I know I could have refused or had water but I didn’t….got to change my poison from vodka as it doesn’t do me any favours the day after. In fact I very rarely drink alcohol, (only when I’m out on the tiles), so it should be easy for me to swerve it. Good night though spent with two true spars. the kind of friends that you would stand with under any circumstances no matter what the odds. I love them both dearly and always enjoy their company and spending the remainder of my birthday with them was a bonus on top of a fantastic day.

today’s cut is courtesy of another Jamaican musicologist and vocalist of the highest order who has already featured on themusicologist and will have his own week on here soon..Hugh Beresford Hammond with the type of cut the man is famous across Jamaica for delivering with all the sincerity and tenderness that could be poured into a song..from memory the 45 is on the Star Trail label which is responsible for many, many fine cuts of 90’s reggae. I’m shooting from the hip but, again from memory, I believe the year to be 1996/7


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