musicology #448

3 Is The Magic Number #1

(Gregory Issacs – Storm)

Today is my birthday..and I am having a great of the best I have ever had ! Some beautiful and touching messages from my friends and loved ones..bought myself a wicked pair of ‘Rhythm & Blues’, (see Img below !!), slipping out for a few hours with two of my main spars and the icing on the cake…our children have arranged to take me out for a birthday meal…tears of joy.

As for the musicology…after the recent New York New York special, (words fail me), I would like to take this small window, (Christmas selection soon come !), to lay down 3 cuts in an effort to try and let the Cats know where I’m at..first up it’s one from the inimitable Cool Ruler. Jamaican music doesn’t get much better than when Gregry’ steps in to the studio, (or live on stage), and delivers. From 1968 right up to the present the legend has graced us with his ability to connect and communicate and this one is just one example out of, (quite literally), hundreds. Someone played themusicologist at his own game a few days ago and laid down a slice of Gregory which moved and inspired me and this piece is in reply. You know the score.



4 thoughts on “musicology #448

  1. ‘hang on steady’!..wise words indeed and beautifully sung…it warms my heart that
    you had such a good birthday. and THEM
    THERE SHOES!!!….thats some pair o creepers!


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