musicology #446

NewYork NewYork #5

(9th Wonder feat ??? – New New York)

Saturday morning in the big A…and the city that never sleeps is snoring like a baby..I have been awake since 5:30 and looking out the window I don’t see a soul ! from where i’m plotted (the corner of 56 and Lex) and I’m itching to get out and tread some pavement….
Arrived in Manhattan yesterday afternoon after shooting the breeze all the way from JFK with a driver who hustled the fare between me and some Irish kid..which as it turned out was perfect because we spoke first about cricket, (he is from Trinidad), and then moved onto politricks, a topic I always enjoy. The fare was the same as I would have paid in a yellow so all good..although I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. Unlicensed cars are dangerous and should never really be taken especially ‘up a foreign’.

Went to see a Bauhaus exhibition at the MoMa which was great due purely to the company I’m keeping on this whistle stop visit. Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of the movement especially the photography and the architecture and it was nice to visit the MoMa but my primary reason for being here is to spend some QT with someone I have deep but as yet unpronounced feelings for..don’t worry I’m working up the courage to express myself in person but fear of rejection is the river I have always found hardest to cross but my will to succeed is growing stronger as I absorb my experiences along the way so I am determined to cross by any means neccessary after all what could be worse than drowning in fear?

Anyway, before I wander off into my all too frequent ramblings let’s get back to the music. Today’s cut is a wicked slice of what I have always known and will continue to call Hip-Hop…shows my age no doubt but I remember the inspirational call to arms when it sounded in the early 80’s and I marched right along with it until1985 when something else caught my ear.

Them early cuts hold great memories for me and one day I’m planning on rolling out a selection on themusicologist to pay tribute to cats like Whodini, Grandmaster Flash, Marley Marl, The Soul Sonic Force, Newcleus, The Wrecking Cru, UTFO, Run Dmc etc, ( to name but a few), for pioneering a NEW modernist sound..which along with ‘House’, (another musical product of the generation I am proud to have been on the vanguard of), have been the two most influential movements of the last 30 years. I look and listen around now and all I see and hear are variations on recurring themes that make me wonder if we have arrived at a point where ‘cultural history’ is on a loop?

So here without delay is a top ranking cut that is inspiring a rennaisance in the genre for themusicologist..extra BIG shout of love going out to our two children especially Fabian who likes this one. Haven’t got all my details here so i’m  a bit lost regarding the details…all I do know off the top of my head is that it’s a 9th Wonder production and it’s absolutely top class that for me has the lot..lyrics, music and delivery.

Listen tune..


2 thoughts on “musicology #446

  1. it may be The NewNewYork, but its still the same
    ol’ story, a fight for love n glory, a case of do or die………


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