musicology #442

NewYork NewYork #1

(Kool G Rap – Streets Of New York)

This week it’s all about NYC..The Big Apple. Why? because I’m going there on Friday to spend a few days with someone very special who is and has been an inspiration. Words don’t tend to do feelings justice so I’ll leave it at that…regular visitors to themusicologist will know that I have a tendency to wax lyrical and believe me I would like to continue in that tradition but being a dyed in the wool romantic the poetry could run away with me so I’ll do me best to rein it in before I get all 18th Century on yer arse and end up prancing about in velvet suits, curling up my ‘locks’ and spouting Wordsworth and Coleridge poems !!

So to balance that out hold this piece of 21st Century hip-hop from one of New York City’s legendary lyricists, the trail blazing, Kool G Rap .. one of the greatest rappers to have ever graced the M.I.C whose legacy runs deep. Member of Marley Marl’s Juice Crew, (along with MC Shan, Roxanne Shante, Big Daddy Kane and BizMarkie), the Cat has influenced many a BIG name and is highly regarded and respected by those in the know as a progenitor of the style which now dominates. A man whose authenticity regarding street narrative is beyond final piece of information..he was born in 1968 which seems to be a significant year for many reasons.


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