musicology #438

Fragments #4

(The Stars Of Harmony – Rough & Rocky Road)

“The advantage of being happy is that one is rid of the question of happiness. The advantage of being free is that one is rid of the question of freedom.

It is at this point that everything begins: when the concepts which existed only as questions appear as answers. It is the end of the cycle and the beginning of a new turning point: how can we rediscover the question behind the answer – how can we rediscover, behind happiness, the idea of happiness?”

Today’s slice of the musicology pie is a majestic piece of gospel courtesy of a vocal group that go by the appropriate name of ‘The Stars Of Harmony’…enough said.


5 thoughts on “musicology #438

  1. “Rough & Rocky Road”. Tell me………!

    The answer to how can we rediscover (discover even), behind happiness, the idea of happiness is INTERNAL HARMONY AND BALANCE.

    First and foremost understand yourself. Then and only then can you embark on the voyage of discovery.


  2. While (unsuccessfully) searching for information on The Stars Of Harmony I came across the gospel group The Teenagers Of Harmony : among other things the springboard for two young cool cats named Sam Cooke and Lou Rawls. Digging a little deeper into the life and times of Lou Rawls (Mr Cooke being well documented) I came across something quite profound… and perhaps relative.

    It was during a tour of the South with Cooke and the Travelers that a serious car accident nearly ended his career and his life (strangely enough the accident happened close to where Bessie Smith had her fatal car crash in Arkansas). One passenger was killed, Cooke was slightly injured and Rawls was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. Though he slipped into a coma for five-and-a-half days, suffered memory loss, and wasn’t completely recovered for a year, he survived. “I really got a new life out of that,” he says. “I saw a lot of reasons to live. I began to learn acceptance, direction, understanding and perception–all elements that had been sadly lacking in my life. I might have lived long enough to learn all this in the long haul, but I would have been just another soul taking up time and space for a long spell before I learned.” Lou later sang Just A Closer walk With Thee at Sam’s funeral service.



  3. what an interesting st0ry, it would be
    a lot less harrowing if peeps could take those
    lessons on board without the accidents and 5
    day comas!.. MAJESTIC is right when it comes to
    the slice o gospel.


  4. What’s also interesting countess is that while “statistically” improbable it’s remarkable how, back in the Lou Rawls-Sam Cooke days, so many fellow *black performers had similar life threatening / life changing experiences as Lou Rawls. Unfortunately (is unhappily a more appropriate word?) far to many took the face-value easier path of alcohol and drug addiction out of their experience… ending up dead long before their time or talent demanded.


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