musicology #435

Fragments #1

(Beres Hammond – Giving Thanks)

New theme starts this week the title of which is owed to the small book that I have just read and been inspired by, (this theme could run for a while).The author is Jean Baudrillard and what I plan to do is highlight one ‘fragment’ every day and lay it down here. First up;

” History reproducing itself becomes farce. Farce reproducing itself becomes history”

backed up by a random slice of musicology that is not necessarily connected to the quote but has also ‘spoken’ to me recently….

On the subject of inspiration I would like to take this opportunity to pay a special tribute  to a true friend, (and they don’t grow on trees), whose company I had the PLEASURE of sharing on Friday night and well into Saturday morning who has been a constant source through these troubled times…and I hope will continue to be bring the sun out..thank you.

The cut is from the magnificent Hugh Beresford Hammond..Jamaican musicologist of the first degree..whose career stretches back into the 70’s and is yet another Jamaican singer and songwriter who deserves far more international exposure than he has received especially when there is so much po(o)p out there these days..anyway, rather than launch into a tirade about the state of the music industry I’ll just let Beres ‘speak’


2 thoughts on “musicology #435

  1. Talk about “synchrony” of thought…. I’ve just this last week opened a new – and for me important – file titled Fragments…. Fragments of recallactions!

    Nice to hear you back in the saddle!


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