musicology #434

Butterfly Mind #4

(James Brown – I Got To Move)

BIG tune on London’s rare groove scene back in 1986 when first released. amazingly this cut was previously unissued but Soul Brother Number 1 and full crew, (The Jb’s), had already been tearing up the dancefloors of London’s underground movement for a year or more along with the cream of the soul and funk that came out of America during the late sixties and early 70’s. music which had largely gone unnoticed before it’s London revival. Not suggesting that it was unknown but guess what…it wasn’t called rare groove for nothing and no matter what is said it was in London that it sprung forth and multiplied. themusicologist was there and remembers it well. Great times, cherished memories.


4 thoughts on “musicology #434

  1. Saw the MAN live at the Albert Hall. A fantastic show.

    I’m not sure I should thank you for this slice ‘cos I’ve spent the last few days driving everyone within hearing distance mad with my non-stop playing of the absolute and undisputed KING of funk….. or maybe it was my wobbly dancing shapes causing people to weep?


  2. Great Times indeed, as one that also had the pleasure of being witness to that raw and inclusive dancehall movement.
    The memories are sweet……. full of youth and promise of what could be.
    You got me here never guessed that this floor shaker was only released in 86 as you know it rocked the Wag, Africa center, and quite few warehouse blues…………..Who were those natty 3 dudes that looked they stepped straight off a Cagney movie classic…


    1. them 3 cats were sharper than paper’s edge..all in the detail..never even a button out of place let alone a hair..


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