musicology #431

butterfly mind #1

(Delroy Wilson – Keep On Trying)

Over the last few days/weeks/months..maybe even years !! I have been doing a LOT of, (maybe too much?), thinking and subsequently find myself a bit lost as I wander through a maze of internal dialogue that seems to do nothing but ask questions.

The butterfly mind has that capacity, mesmerising to observe as it flutters from one place to another but a hard road to travel and extremely distracting. I don’t know whether ‘the road’ leads anywhere particular as, for me, it tends to be the journey more than the destination but responsibility both for self and others, (children), is a great leveller and something I take VERY seriously so it feels like I’ll have to turn my gaze from the butterfly and focus instead on building “a heaven on the earth”

as for themusicologist, I have spent too much energy searching for cuts that expressed my deepest feelings which has bottlenecked the flow of music. so from now my intention is to set the music free from the bondage of too much meaning and just try to lay down one slice a day that I feel like sharing. It will continue to be the soundtrack to my life but with a little more freedom.

first up…one from Delro’ (Wilson), Jamaican musicologist and sweet soul singer whose career stretches way back to the early sixties when he cut his recording teeth in 1963 at the tender age of 15, hooking up to Sir Coxsone, Downbeat the Ruler Dodd’s Studio 1. big 10 inch from the 1970’s on one of Coxsone’s many labels, (music lab).


2 thoughts on “musicology #431

  1. I’m sharing the music and sentiment with ya…. thanks….

    I’d never had thought this was a 1970’s slice of Jamaican music… tooo raw!


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