musicology #429

noExcuses #6

(No More Blues – Terry Callier)

Even though I have MANY slices of musicology to choose from in all sincerity, for me, this is the one which authentically nails the way I feel TODAY which, let’s face all there really is….A man once proclaimed, (musicology #363)

“The aristocrats live in the past, the proletariat live in the present and the poor bourgeoisie live for the future”

Well..I don’t think you need me to tell you that tomorrow never comes and as sure as the sun shines you will die waiting for it. while looking back and living for, (and in), the past will fuck your heart, mind or both beyond repair.

so with that in heart…hold this cut from the majestic Terry Callier. 1998 cut borrowed, (again), from his Timepeace set..what a poet.


One thought on “musicology #429

  1. I so enjoyed this piece of music…It soothed
    my body and mind, and didn’t leave my soul wrung out! so fanx to both you and T.C.


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