musicology #428

noExcuses #5

(Live Good – Burning Spear)

oi..3 days running !!
are the storm clouds lifting and is that the sun I can see trying to break through?
dont know for sure but what I am learning along the way is how authenticity can and does challenge existence. when someone wants to hurt and blame you for the muck in their life there’s a choice for you to make.
do you look to excuse, (blame), yesterdays behaviour and argue or do you genuinely take full responsibility for your actions, recognise your weakness and resolve to not make the same mistakes again? as the title of this theme suggests for themusicologist the choice I choose to make is, noExcuses.

Today’s cut is courtesy of the genius that is Winston Rodney a.k.a Burning Spear with a top ranking slice of the Studio 1 musicological ‘pie’…



5 thoughts on “musicology #428

  1. I’m reminded of something I was reading today
    about ‘individuality’ (using it to describe a loyalty
    to ones own unique nature) apparently T.S.Elliot once wrote that Individuality costs nothing less than everything! no walk in the park then!…good to hear some Burning Spear.


  2. Love this Tune,
    As for Excuses I hold the same beliefs, a lot of the issues that occur in ones life are a reflection of our subconcience at work when it comes to our relationships, So with that in mind the individual has to take responsibility, and if blame/excuses has to apportioned then it must rest on the I.
    The dawn will surly break as it always does,


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