musicology #427

noExcuses #4

(Children Of The Ghetto – Real Thing)

two slices ‘on the spin’ !!
is this a sign that themusicologist is back in the saddle?
who knows what tomorrow might bring? not me..what I do know though is that a ‘better’ tomorrow starts with one’s actions of today.

Back to the musicology which courtesy of England’s own 80’s Soul and Boogie collective known as the ‘Real Thing’ who many may have heard of in relation to their hit “You To Me Are Everything”. This piece, (more recently covered by Mary J Blige), is borrowed from their album 4 From 8 and goes out to all the children who know how it feels to live/have lived it. Stand strong, keep your heads held high, don’t allow the shit to get permanently stuck on your ‘shoes’ or let other people try to tell YOU who YOU are and remember that:

“Deep inside the ghetto there’s a unity,
That cancels out the sorrow and the misery”


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