musicology #425

noExcuses #2

(You Got My Mind Messed Up – James Carr)

too many cuts to choose from and my butterfly mind certainly needs direction while my heart weeps.
today’s slice is courtesy of the majestic James Carr a cat who had the misfortune of suffering from a condition known medically as Bi-Polar Dis-order. What that means, (like many mental conditions), is debatable but it is especially poignant for themusicologist as a much loved and cherished companion is also going through a period of transition that is in danger of being labelled. Recorded and released in 1966 on the Goldwax label.


3 thoughts on “musicology #425

  1. immense song, have you heard the cut by Quiet Elegance?Tis Truly Beautiful as well

    youtube will provide

    easy in that saddle!!


    1. Sir Errol,
      always lifts my spirits to see a comment from you. don’t know why but it does..
      apologies for my slackness. soon come my friend…soon come.

      don’t know the quiet elegance cut…thanks for ‘tipping me the wink’ i’ll get on the tube and search it out.
      saddle…nuff said !!


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