musicology #424

noExcuses #1

(Paul Weller – Cold Moments)

Tried countless times over the last few weeks to get back in themusicologist saddle and every time something changes, (such is life), so what is themusicologist going to DO about it. Stop thinking and start throwing em down, day to day without thought or reflection..cuts that are rocking my soul. musicology style, without pages of the incessant internal dialogue that flows in, out and through this current fucked up mess of the life that I take FULL responsibility…..and with authenticity offer NO EXCUSES for

First up it’s a cut from one my long time trusted guides Paul Weller, who has been there for themusicologist since the late 70’s around the time I entered what is sometimes referred to as the ninth year transition. Borrowed from his No 1 album from last year 22 Dreams..also featuring among others the all round talents of Steve Craddock and the drumming expertise of Steve White.

Listen keenly to the RIDE and if you refuse, (for whatever reason), then step the fuck off this musicology train and perhaps get back on board somewhere down the line. I have no intentions other than to share the way I feel which is always in flux and has no meaning other than in the here and now.


2 thoughts on “musicology #424

  1. when we take a new step on a new day we can replace some of yesterday’s pain with todays hope in something better coming along or at least in surviving another day by doing the best we can


  2. Just Thinking

    “Got up on a cool morning. Leaned out a window. 
    No cloud, no wind. Air that flowers held 
    for awhile. Some doves somewhere. 

    Been on probation most of my life. 
    And the rest of my life been condemned. 
    So these moments count for a lot –
    peace you know. 

    Let the bucket of memory down the well, 
    bring it up. Cool, cool minutes. No one stirring, 
    no plans. Just being there. 

    This is what the whole thing is about.”

    William Stafford

    P.S. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back…… whatever the mood!


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