musicology #422

nowordsjustmusic2 #2

(Randy Crawford – Trade Winds)

Listen Tune….


3 thoughts on “musicology #422

  1. I’m not a great fan of Roberta Flack’s voice per se. But she sure sings a mean ballad!

    The songwriting team of Ralph Macdonald and William Salter of Groover Washington/Bill Withers “Just The Two Of Us” fame penned this one……..

    “Hatred and jealousy

    Brotherhood is dying

    Love is the answer

    But nobody’s buying

    Good people turnin’ bad

    Some don’t but they are few

    The winds are blowing

    The choice is all up to you

    We’re caught in the trade winds

    The trade winds of our time

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”

    I’d like to know when was that was written…..
    “cos it sure as hell wasn’t recently….. Them there (trade) winds are blowing gale force nowadays!!

    I know this is off-theme (hopefully not off-bounds though) but over the weekend I read an article in the NYT about one of the latest scams being bundled together by our beloved Wall Street Masters Of The Universe and I just couldn’t let it pass!

    The scam itself is nothing new, it’s been around for donkeys years…. it’s the timing, packaging, and implications (conflict of interest being just one) which are, in my opinion, a perfect – and sickening – mirror of these times.

    Headed “Wall Street To Securitize People’s Death” the article is…… mind-blowing!!!

    Winds of our time? Fucking hurricanes are a-blowing through this society of ours if you ask me.


    1. when? 1981 was when it was released. especially significant to themusicologist is that the ‘youth’ that get a mention in the song I count myself as one. i was 12 at the time and the LP…Secret Combination was B.I.G on our turntable. I am a huge fan of Randy Crawford’s voice.
      Hurricanes…for true…


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