musicology #421

nowordsjustmusic2 #1

Terry Callier – And I Love Her

BIG week for themusicologist and family. the end of an era. should be able to write about it but in truth there are no words that I can find to describe the feelings. too powerful for words…music on the other hand…now there’s a language that speaks from the heart. so in tribute to our family i’m just going to keep rolling out cuts..starting with today’s from master Terry Callier

thank you for being there for so long you have and continue to touch me deeply x


3 thoughts on “musicology #421

  1. Ahh, a Lennon-MaCartney classic. Strange isn’t it, how the majority of their work got covered by some of the greatest talents of the time.

    Me, I didn’t book them at all back in the day. My defence is I was a Mod (if that justifies anything?).

    I never realised how professional they were as a band untill reading John Lennon’s biography recently…. respect!


  2. I didn’t rate em either….I think being a Mod justifies a lot meself!…..I still prefer their stuff sung
    by others and this is a good example to me of just that.


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