musicology #406

Catharsis #4

(Otis Redding – Old Man Trouble)

Apologies for yesterday. Today I’ll make sure the cut is laid down with the post !!

1: A purification or purgation of the emotions primarily through art.
2: A purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension.
3: elimination of a complex by bringing it to consciousness and affording it expression.

For me themusicologist delivers all of the above and for that I am more than greatful. In fact over the past few days the raging inner storm is calming and the ‘weight’ is lifting.

I’m assuming that most, if not all, of us are feeling some kind of pressure as the curtain finally closes on the Modern World and opens on what in Philosophical terms is defined as the Post Modern world of, (among other things), decentralization, insecurity, globalization, unpaid work, marketocracy, crowdsourcing and so on and on and on. Many Modern projects that have informed us since the Enlightenment such as freedom, democracy, education and the family are being dismantled and replaced by degrees of economic slavery. It’s always a changing world but sometimes the speed of change is surprising.

So as much as I take responsibility for my actions I also know that there are external forces at work that have a great impact on the herd who tend to be oblivious to the control tactics of the masters. Therefore I will continue on the road of authenticity with my head held high and my eyes, ears and nose wide open and dismiss the one sided Apollonian ideology that reduces art to no more than “amusement governed by empty concepts” and firmly deny Plato’s view that “Art is a secondary imitation of reality and a counterfeit substitute for life itself”

Today’s cut is a fine piece of Art courtesy of the ‘Big O’. Borrowed from the great 1965 ‘Otis Blue’ set….Plato…this one’s all yours.


12 thoughts on “musicology #406

  1. I’m presented daily with the changes happening in our society, as a small independant business we are being ‘squeezed’ untill the pips squeak between local government and the corporates, the small independants will disappear like so much that adds diversity and colour to our lives…what will not be crushed is the enjoyment that being creative brings, the ability to laugh at the absurd and the pleasure of sharing music with like minded souls…..and this is a wonderful example of just that very thing


  2. I need someone to show me how to do this in my own name – Catharsis – this theme… I see a whole lotta truth going down. And to Tony Blue. They say everyone has a true vocation, and that finding what it is, is the hard part. Ever thought of becoming a writer?


  3. To the Musicologist, (hope I worked out how to do it myself). Tomorrow night, we both plan to go to Guilty Pleasures, hope you are still coming… here’s my Guilty Pleasure – always has been, (since i was 13), and I never knew why. Now I do.
    Been youtubing alot recently (amongst other vices) please look at the Burt Renolds movie link first and then, Musicologist, listen to the whole song. I was going to request it tomorrow night, but I know you are a private person. Let me know either way.
    Joanna x


    1. First things first…welcome.
      Never too late to join in with the dialogue especially considering that over the last two and a half years much of themusicologist has been inspired by you, us, our children and the life we live.
      You have worked out how to do it yourself…hats off.
      Guilty Pleasures? unlikely…too painful.
      No links that I can see to Burt Reynolds movie or the song of which you speak so you will have to post it again.
      Private? not too sure about that. Once apoun a time I was but the truth is I’ve changed and learnt a lot in the last 7 years. Agreed that I don’t enjoy my information being shared with certain people or being put ‘under the spotlight’ but private….not any more. What I have always, (and still find), difficult is expressions of emotion, (other than were the children are concerned), both in and from me, as well as from other people.
      But one thing is certain…I’m a quick learner and once I have seen/felt the error of my ways I tend not to tread that path again. Regarding future relationships I will ensure that I do my best to express myself from the start.
      Finally…I raise my head and thank the stars for our children, what we once had and will always cherish the memories.


    1. the song is ‘I Will Always Love You’. I listened to it and paid close attention to the lyrics.
      In all honesty it’s difficult for me to comment on it and I’m asking myself is this, (themusicologist), really the place for dialogue of this kind?
      Should I just absorb this pain and keep it to myself? It’s a dilemma to say the least. The ‘private’ part of me is standing on my shoulder whispering into my ear that I should just soak it up and keep my mouth shut.

      Recently Tony Blue mentioned a song, (and transcribed the lyrics) ‘The Entertainer’ by Tony Clarke..excellent song beautifully sung but as much as I like it and it has many memories for me the lyrics don’t resonate with me. I’m not the Entertainer and I have no desire to “walk off in style” or “fool the world”.
      truth is…for me themusicologist is a musical diary and if I can’t reveal myself here then where or to whom can I?

      So here goes…I tried to communicate my inner thoughts and feelings to you, (especially over the last two years), in the only ways and language that I know but the door was always closed and my observation was that you had already locked me out whether consciuosly/unconsciously, intentionally/unintenionally reasonaside that’s the way it feels to me and how I have interpreted it. Just now I tried to discuss the song, the lyrics, the intention behind it, not analytically….emotionally. but because what I said didn’t live up to what for me is your fantasy you walked off leaving me standing there with hardly anything said so I’ll reiterate it here for posterity and if you ever need to justify your actions, (and I’m not suggesting that you do), it’s here in, (what I hope), is plain language.

      I don’t accept that you will always love me but I do accept that you will always love your idea of me, (the one I wasn’t capable of living up to), and I want to apologize for making you unhappy or not making you happy, (either way it’s sung the song remains the same). Believe it or not..I tried my best. In the Dolly Parton song the words that I find impossible to accept are:

      “If I should stay..well, I would only be in your way
      And so I’ll go, and yet I know,
      That I’ll think of you each step of my way

      Bitter-sweet memories,
      That’s all I have, and all I’m taking with me,
      Good-bye, oh, please don’t cry,
      ‘Cause we both know that I’m not,
      What you need”

      What I find unacceptable is the idea that you are doing this for me. This is discomforting especially when in the next breath you hand me a legal document pertaining to the financial conditions of our seperation….at this point I think it’s best to continue such a dialogue in private.

      Just like to finish though by saying how much you have meant to me over the last 20 years and come what may the memories are all sweet and in the words of Bill Withers (musicology #408), “I Wish You Well”
      Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life for so long.


  4. The Judgment of Solomon is a metaphorical expression referring to a wise judge who uses a stratagem to determine the truth, forcing the parties into revealing their true feelings.

    Specifically, the judge pretends that he will destroy the subject matter of a dispute, rather than allowing either disputing party to win at the expense of the other.

    The expression is based upon the Biblical passage in 1 Kings 3:16-28, where two mothers who live together and have both recently given birth approach King Solomon, bringing with them one dead child and one living child.

    Each mother presents the same story and accusation:

    “One night, soon after the birth of the respective children, she (the other woman) woke to find that she had smothered her child in her sleep. Beside herself with anguish, she took her dead child and exchanged it with my child. The following morning, I discovered the dead baby laying beside me, but soon realised that it was not my child.”

    After some deliberation, King Solomon calls for a sword to be brought before him. He declares that there is only one fair solution: the live baby must be split in two, each woman receiving half of the child.

    Upon hearing this terrible verdict, the child’s true mother cries out, “Please, My Lord, give her the child – do not kill it!”


  5. I read this somewhere about truth. I”m not too sure it’s ‘the’ truth. But what it certainty isn’t is a lie!

    “There is a bitter aftertaste when one swallows the truth sometimes. It may be years before it becomes apparent. So many that you’ve forgotten that first taste. But it does come. It comes when, having thought you swallowed truth whole, what you got was only a morsel. Further, the spreading bitterness derives from understanding that what you thought was true was, actually, true, but not in the way you thought or wanted it to be.”


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