musicology #403

Catharsis #1

(Lord Creator – I’m Wasting Time)

Still struggling to find direction on themusicologist. It’s not inspiration that’s the problem, (music always delivers), or that I don’t have themes in mind maybe it’s a simple matter of the fallout from the metamorphosis that I am in the middle of. Want it straight?

My partner, (and mother of our children), has, after twenty years, called time on our relationship for the second, (and final), time in 12 months. Why am I laying this out here on themusicologist? ’cause it’s distracting, painful and needs exorcising and where better to get some therapy than here through the form that for me has always delivered catharsis.

Don’t worry though as I’m certainly not going to let the black cloud descend. Nietzsche once wrote, (in The Genealogy Of Morals)

“All instincts which do not find a vent outside oneself turn inwards” and that in a sentance sums up what themusicologist is for me…a vent for my instincts.

First up is a piece from Kendrick Patrick a.k.a Lord Creator who has already featured on themusicologist with his majestic 1968 cut Such Is Life. Produced by Vincent Chin and released on his Top Ranking Randy’s label in the first half of the 1960’s.


6 thoughts on “musicology #403

  1. you are fortunate that music delivers catharsis, especially as you have so much of the good stuff at
    your fingertips…I have to ration it or I’d be lost to the world!…at least the tempo was uplifting on this reggae number.


    1. Catharsis

      1: A purification or purgation of the emotions primarily through art

      2: A purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension.

      3: elimination of a complex by bringing it to consciousness and affording it expression.


  2. “After all is said and done”… sad to say, sums up relationships ending.

    But is anything or everything, anywhere, by anyone “all said”? Is anything or everything, anywhere, by anyone “all done”?

    I doubt it.

    For what it’s worth, my advice is…… don’t paint yourself into any courners, stay loose, stay true to yourself…. and keep the music coming.

    Pukka music on the last theme, if you don’t mind me saying….. respect.


    1. agreed…nothing is ‘all said’ and nothing is ‘all done’

      thanks fe the advice…always welcome and often heeded.

      Of course I don’t mind you saying.


  3. a worthy piece of advice we could all do well to
    adopt in our lives in my opinion..not easy, but then what is!


  4. “3: elimination of a complex by bringing it to consciousness and affording it expression.”

    On catharsis.

    It was late in the evening at Heathrow Airport sometime during a demanding/troubled 2007. I’d just passed through the piss-take of a ritual called immigration control and was making my way to the tube station. It’s a long walk. I had much on my mind, none of it good. I was steeling myself for one or another of life’s “events”.

    Don’t ask me why, but a series of posters plastered along the tunnel walls stopped me in my tracks. I put my bag down, rummaged for a pen and piece of paper, and wrote down the message printed on one of them…..


    It must have penetrated to the core because it keeps cropping up for me. It somehow sums a lot of “right or wrong” things up for me.

    Mind you, for all it’s powerful message, the poster was just an ad for of all things, another stinking, conniving, global bank…. Yeah, I’m a sucker for sound-bites!!!


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