musicology #400

Sound&Fury #4

(Freddie Hubbard – Backlash)

Following on from the Ray Sharpe & King Curtis hold this ranking piece of 1966 Jazz Funk courtesy of legendary trumpeter Freddie Hubbard with a piece that swings so hard it could wake the dead.

Also featuring the collective talents of Ray Baretto on percusion, Bob Cunningham on bass, Ray Appleton on drums, James Spaulding on Sax and Albert Dailey smashing the ivories. This, the title track, is borrowed from his first in a series of sets for Atlantic and I noticed that ‘Pickett’ is credited with writing this one so I assume that it would be none other than the ‘Wicked’ Pickett (Wilson), himself? although whoever wrote it the credit here belongs to the players who are fluent in the universal language and communicate the message perfectly.


3 thoughts on “musicology #400

    1. part of my genuine love of music, (and I mean Love), is that there are so many artists out there to inspire and communicate to and with that I can ‘discover’ truly great artists like Freddie Hubbard along the way after 40 years of listening and learning…

      appreciate you taking the time to connect and comment…


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