musicology #399

Sound&Fury #3

(Ray Sharpe & The King Curtis Orchestra – Help Me Get The Feeling Pts 1&2)

Fuck…not sure how you cats are feeling but for themusicologist it sure is a hard road fe travel at the moment. not complaining, moaning or, (worst of all), looking for sympathy just an observation and comment on this part of the journey.

I’m always up for the challenge but the constant pressure is taking it’s toll. So with that in mind I’m going to lay down this wicked piece of 60’s Soul. Keeping in mind that although it’s the ‘Sound&Fury’ signifying nothing music speaks and themusicologist can’t help but listen. Quality double sider of urban musicology that I had no choice but to edit the two seperate parts together.

1966 ‘Atlantic’ release originally released on the Atco Label courtesy of Ray Sharpe featuring one of the top bands of the period none other than The, (King), Curtis Orchestra.


4 thoughts on “musicology #399

  1. great tune, really tight playing on it that I was tapping the table along to.
    the ‘road’ can be hard and lonely and at times a mite desparate but as nina simone said on the song ‘aint got no’ there’s still alot left even if the ‘man/circumstances’ takes a large chunk away.


  2. there’s certainly times when the ol’ adage
    ‘nobody said it was gonna be a bowl o’ cherries’
    seems particularly apt!….excellent peice of uplifting music..I followed all the instructions, clapped me hands, pated me feet, clicked me fingers and moved them shoulders, I for one felt it!.


  3. Ray Sharpe? Great voice. And the name King Curtis shot through the mists. His Soul Serenade is up there with Brooker T’s Green Onions.

    I’d forgot all about it till now. Thanks!


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