musicology #396

PostMod/ernist #6

(Toussaint McCall – Nothing Takes The Place Of You)

Final cut on the PostMod/ernist. To be honest I have struggled with this theme. The circumstances I find myself in have affected my confidence which, unlike belief, is buried in the unconscious making it impossible, in my opinion, to cultivate, (again unlike belief), internally. Put simply it’s other people who are responsible for our fragile confidence and my observation is that too many don’t take responsibility for making and breaking it. I’m not laying any blame as that’s for the immature. Neither am I making any excuses, life is a two way street and I must be just as guilty of being irresponsible.

As you may already be aware themusicologist for me is and always has been a kind of diary shot through with Joy & Pain and utilising the power of music as communicator, comforter and guide.

Bottom line…my lifetime’s observation so far is that people will always let you down. Rarely intentionally but that doesn’t lessen the impact. One way to lessen the impact is to not have what Charles Dickens called ‘Great Expectations’. Shoot for the stars but accept that the probability is that you will miss. This attitude has led me to the belief that it’s the journey of and through life that’s important rather than the destination and along the way our companions will come and go. Some will last longer than others. Some will bring and share love while others will try to hurt and hinder. Live by your own values and pass no judgement on those of others. It’s a mean, fucked up world and, from what I can see, it’s only getting meaner. Play by your own rules and do what you think is neccesary for survival and bear in mind that the society that we live in has been created without our consent.

The final cut is a classic slice of 1967 Southern Soul courtesy of Louisiana born Organist and Vocalist Toussaint McCall with a tune that is known to Soul fans the world over which never fails to tremble themusicologist’s marrow. Especially poignant and a fitting end not only to this theme but also to the 20 year relationship I have had the pleasure to share.


4 thoughts on “musicology #396

  1. we certainly share your joy and pain…you send our spirits soaring or cast us low with the music you play…right on!


  2. Been trying to get my head around this theme since the beginning; around the artists, the lyrics, the songs, the voices, the instuments, and finally…. the sentiment expressed.

    No Joy!!

    Try this.

    “The wise man doesn’t waste time in choosing sides between right and wrong, but looks on it all with “the light of Heaven.” He sees every opposite as embodying the seed of its companion, and mental clarity alone becomes “the hinge of the way”.

    Things are “good” or “bad” because we choose to perceive them so. This is the central point. So much of the experience of our lives depends on perception. But if we see the wholeness of things rather than focusing on their fragmented opposites we can achieve the broad, large and passive view of the world.

    The wise man sees that things are fragmented into opposites and these opposites constantly changing in their relation/proximity to each other, but these things are fluctuating in a closed, ultimately balanced system.

    So judgments about events and experiences should be based on their usefulness and how they relate to the whole. This enables one to “pass” through these experiences instead of becoming caught up in them.

    When we are in control of how the external world affects us, this is freedom. But one cannot come to this state of mind by effort. One cannot seek it but must instead become passive to allow it to arise. And one has to develop this passive view in parallel to the average view of life.


  3. Countess…I can’t take the credit as all I am doing is sharing what is for me the most transcendent of the art forms.

    Blue..1: This ‘theme’ is part of the soundtrack to my existence. Of course it is clear to me what significence/meaning the cuts presented have but I hope that has no relevence/meaning ‘externally’. My only intention on themusicologist is to throw down good music. Some themes such as the recent ‘Mod/ernist’ for example will resonate and some won’t. But all will relate in some way to my existence current or past.

    As for the Taoist ‘pearl’…I would add that my experience has led me to ‘Judge’ or try to ‘Control’ nothing or no-one..just effortless flow, flex and roll like water.


  4. “My only intention on themusicologist is to throw down good music.”…… Good. Point taken!

    I wasn’t commenting on the quality of the music… just the “vibe”. You’ve put me wise on that now.

    And by the way, apoppro the quality of the last theme, thanks for tuning me in to Terry Callier. Awesome… now there’s a Cat one could say was “consumed” by/for the love of his child!!!


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