musicology #390

Modernist #18

(Ernestine Anderson – Keep An Eye On Love)

Cats…apologies for leaving you all ‘hanging’ for this final excuse is that it has been ‘on me like a rash’ for the last couple of weeks and I haven’t been able to find the time for themusicologist. The Project is taking up most of my time leaving precious little for Mod/ernist musings although the combination of the two has produced the latest addition to the Tribute Tees below. Available in two colours, sizes from Small to XLarge and THREE cuts ‘Dubplate’, ‘Classic’, and ‘Double A’, (American Apparel) see Tribute Tees for further information

Final cut on the Mod/ernist theme..and I’m wrapping it up with this fine piece by extraordinary singer Ernestine Anderson whose long career stretches back to the early 50’s when as a teenager she toured with the, (legendary), Johnny Otis band and then Lionel Hampton’s. Essentially a Jazz singer but I’m sure she could ‘sit down’ on any piece of music with effortless ease. Recorded and released in 1963 it won’t come as a surprise to those who know this cut but for those who don’t know it, (as well as them that do),

Released on New York’s Sue Label (another slice of the Juggy Murray pie), and in the UK on the Mod/ernist’s most cherished Red & Yellow label of the same name. Apparently it didn’t get much play at the time, (according to my sources), but for me this piece is ‘well modern’ and If I had been on the wheels of steel back then it would have been one of themusicologist’s choice plays….what’s ironic is the timing of today’s cut. I have honestly tried my best to ‘Keep an Eye’ but all my efforts have been in vain…



12 thoughts on “musicology #390

  1. I dont remember this song , but your right its a peach…fanx for all the fabulous music and texts in this theme. It has triggered many fine memories for me.


  2. I second that Countess…. fantastic music, inspiring debate, and as for the memories… well, they’re made of stuff like this.

    But this particular slice is a real puzzle for me…. Never heard it. Never heard of it either. And on hearing it here…. Don’t rate it. It don”t shake my early sixties tail feather at all!!!!


  3. Hi Tony, I think this is right, it didn’t suit the times perhaps? Its certainly quite a ‘light’ record

    UK Sue shelved the lp, I have an earlier UK Sue lp that shows its imminent release, but it never came out.

    My ‘original’ local record dealer : King Bee records in MCR, found a full box of UK Sue in an market in London, prob in the late 70’s… can imagine his excitement…but they were all Ernestine Anderson.

    I heard an original Twisted Wheel deejay play it at a dance in recent times. I asked him if he played it at the wheel. He did say yes…. but I wasn’t so sure… I think its more a spin from recent years.

    It was definitely a foundation tune 20 years later though and I hold it in high regard, from a memories point of view, it is a personal favourite and it still really sends me.

    ….and here’s me thinking all you ole boys would have changed the words at the time of its release to ‘from brasil to stamford hill…….’


    1. Countess…no surprise that the lady can spot a diamond from 100 paces.

      TonyBlue..Oi….This Cut ‘kills’ all ‘Soundboys’…stone dead, no response. In fact as far as I’m concerned it’s the type of cut that forces the ‘Tin-Pan’ to pack up and leave the dance !!

      Sir D…’Light’? can’t agree with you there brother man..
      From Brazil…To Stamford Hill…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..

      Seriously though it reminds me, (not compares I hasten to add), of the Georgie Fame slice ‘I Said Yeah?’

      Steve, surprisingly The LP can still be bought for very little whereas the US45 reaches around the ‘bullseye’. For me though music can never be defined by monetary ‘value’.


  4. This is one that is apparently much ‘bigger’ now than when it got UK release – I actually have the US LP with this and ‘Continental Mind’ [the other side of the 45 – was it the A?] on it. My brother in law [another record ‘dealer’ ] tells me that there is £100 waiting if I want to let my copy of the 45 go! Which is pretty crazy…hmmm, maybe not…


  5. your right about the similarity to the Georgie Fame number……. its her voice that I like, hits that right note of smooth soul with a hint of the raucous every now and then..


  6. Played it again, and again, and then again…. It’s growing on me!!

    But I stick to my guns about it not being a “stomper” from back in the day. I was there (London). I went to most of the big dance-halls and enough of the local small one’s and never heard it played. I was a member at all of the clubs. Didn’t hear it there either. The beat’s off. And yes, considering the tight but easy “groove” sliding all over the (Mod/ernist) land, it is “light”…. maybe a little too “clever” even.

    Don’t get me wrong, the lady’s a great singer… no doubts about that.


  7. those early days heralded in a sort of unisex look for some of us girls, I bought boys jeans and trousers, cut my hair very short… friend cut it actually to get it really short!…..and even boys tees, so I would like to have a sml Modernist T in the blue ‘classic’ please.


    1. Countess…Quality..Sml Blue ‘Classic’ it is. Could you do me a favour though and also repeat this comment on the Mod/ernist Tee page?

      TonyBlue..glad to hear it. As Sir Errol and Steve have mentioned..It’s become a bigger tune since then. I’m a big fan of it.


  8. musicologist. Strange, parts of your texts are unreadable. it’s like there disappearing into the archives? It began with your comment 17.06.09

    “Light Sir D…’Light’? can’t agree with you there brother man..
    From Brazil…To Stamford Hill…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Is it just me and my apple????


  9. apple… there’s a mod/ernist ‘puter

    its the same on mine Liam….not causing too much distress just yet…but the end of sentences are getting chopped off a touch


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