musicology #376

Modernist #4

(Mary Wells – You Beat Me To The Punch)

As the the theme moves into the second half I would just like to add that as far as the music is concerned I am resisting the urge top throw down obscure cuts from the period in question purely because the chances of them being played back in the day were almost non existent. The fact is that the rare pieces that have come to light over the last 20 years would NOT have been available to the cats who were exposing the music of America and even Jamaica in and around London’s clubs and venues. Not even Guy Stevens or Sammy Samwell would have had access to pieces on such labels as One-Derful, Butane, Witch, Cortland, Sar and the like so as much as I would LOVE to expose them here It’s not my intention to impress anyone with the lesser known cuts rather it’s to lay down pieces that were actually played in places like The ‘Ly, Scene, Disc, Flamingo, Disc, Tottenham Royal, Streatham Locarno etc so if that’s a dissapointment to some then, (in the words of Lord Creator), ‘Such Is Life’…..

With that in mind today’s slice of the Modernist pie is another classic from the Tamla Motown stable that shook up some of the London venues mentioned above. A response to Gene Chandler’s majestic ‘You Threw A Lucky Punch’ from yet another ‘Mod/ernist’ Icon Mary Wells who went on to feature heavily between 1962-1964 and along with The Marvelettes blazed the trail for the inclusion of the ladies in the male dominated world of Modernist musicology.


One thought on “musicology #376

  1. Just finished a bit of up-dating type research on Mary Wells… tragic. How could a voice like that die like that.. and with minimal (industry) recognition to boot?

    While a big fan of the lady in her prime, somehow she didn’t last the course. Her “bad luck” was she suffered from being a solo artist. What rocked the air-waves back then were the girl-groups…. Too, tooo many to list here. However Matha and The Vandellas “Heat Wave” is a start…. That intro was enough!!


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