musicology #367

SuchIsLife #1

(Lord Creator – Such Is Life)

As promised, new theme kicks off today concerning musical wisdom as laid down by various Cats from across the musical spectrum, inspired by today’s slice of incredible musicology from Trinidadian singer, songwriter and sufferer,Kentrick Patrick, (A.K.A Lord Creator), who penned this unbelievable 1968 marrow trembler while down on his luck living in a tree!! in Jamaica having found himself ‘on the floor’ after a career stretching back to the dawn of Ska recording for the likes of Sir Coxsone and more prominently the producer Vincent ‘Randy’ Chin. In answer to his downturn in fortunes..Creator had this pearl of wisdom to say

“That is in my days of suffereation and alcohol, when I had nothing, when I could not pay rent, when I could not find food for me and my children to eat. While sleeping up in a plum tree with a pregnant woman, I put together a melody, and that is how I recorded the song called, ‘Such Is Life’. It was not a hit, it did not get much airplay, but it meant a lot to me”

For me this cut sums up the essence of music’s incredible power to communicate emotions..Respect is due to Alan from musical storeroom Honest Jon’s who brought me in on this one a few weeks back after a dialogue concerning music and the ‘Project’. I am eternally greatful..

“One day you got plenty money yeah…such is life, such is life,
Sometimes you ain’t got a penny no, such is life, such is life…..


11 thoughts on “musicology #367

  1. strange and compelling sound to this piece of music ..sounds like he had it pretty ruff when he wrote it and yet it has an uplifting sound to it.


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