musicology #366

Ideology&Philosophy #7

(Randy Crawford – Everything Must Change)

Taking a break from the Philosophy theme next week. To be honest it’s consuming too much of my time, is a bit too demanding and is affecting the consistency on themusicologist. Maybe I’ll come back to it at a later date? Maybe…But until then hold this final piece of dialectic concerning another stepping stone along the way, the Philosopher Jean Jaques Rousseau whose studies and subsequent observations on, (among other things), Society and Education being dominant forces controlling our lives are worth their weight in metaphorical Gold and well worth investing time in learning from.

The musicology is from the Majestic Randy Crawford….Listen Tune.


6 thoughts on “musicology #366

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  2. I hear you…. feeling a bit flat after the powerful alternativeSoundtrack “rush” perhaps?

    I am!

    PS. I have me doubts about Rousseau.


    1. Not flat at all..Just finding it far too all consuming and I have too much on me plate to dedicate the time and space that it requires.
      Interested to know what doubts you have about Rousseau?


  3. Rousseau. Too much on me plate too….. Soon come though (soon as in The Right Time).

    Loved AlternativeSoundtrack4 by the way!


  4. what a tune to finish the theme..stunningly performed, brilliantly cut in and words that
    surely speak to us all!!…as for Jean Jacques, there’s a man I shall be looking into..thoroughly
    enjoyed the Ideology&Philosophy theme and greatly appreciate all the effort that must have gone into it. fanx


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