musicology #365

Ideology&Philosophy #6

(Luciano – Know Yourself)

Following on from yesterday’s introduction to the ‘Enlightenment’ with a four minute critique of one of it’s most revered figures, Immanuel Kant whose contribution to the ideology of ‘Reason’ is as important as Plato’s was to ‘Dialogue’. The key word today is Metaphysics…

The musical wisdom is one from themusicologist’s top ten. Wicked slice of late 20th Century ‘steppers’ from the prophet Luciano on the Chant Out Label.

“The greatest knowledge is the knowledge of god and self, It surpasses material wealth,
Seek ye first wisdom ’cause that’s your health and strength,
It will preserve your soul until the end,
Consider yourself oh important my positive and live upright,
Before you think about taking one’s life…think twice..”


2 thoughts on “musicology #365

  1. Im with Kant on this one…the urge to ask ‘whats it all about’ is a compelling one thats for sure..and the message in the music to know whose doing the asking is spot on.


  2. for us peeps living in the 21st century I think Kant is spot on (though do most of us still think 19th C ways?) …….. I also feel that this will change as our universal view of life/cosmos will inevitably change over time….. multi dimensionality for example is becoming a serious idea which will stretch our concept of what is space/time and then perhaps what is ‘metaphysical’ ………


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