musicology #364

Ideology&Philosophy #5

(The Wailers – The World Is Changing)

Out of the Tao and into the next phase in the wanderings with a slice of spoken word from a next facilitator of learning on the journey to the self. But as we move out of Classical Antiquity and into the modern world I would just like to add that a few minutes from each of these Cats is nowhere near enough to do such an important subject justice but doors are made to be opened and Philosophy along with music is, for me, a door to knowledge that has resonated loud and clear on the quest for ‘meaning’.

The music is yet another slice courtesy of The Wailers but this time it’s a later cut, (1968), on Danny Sim’s JAD label featuring the hard hitting Peter Tosh on lead with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer harmonising.


2 thoughts on “musicology #364

  1. I find myself wondering why peeps ‘chuck out the baby with the bath water’….why not in this case keep the best of the metaphysical ideas and marry the emerging idea of ‘reason’ to em!….perfect choice of music for that piece of dialogue


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