musicology #360

Ideology&Philosophy #1

(The Silvertones – Smile)

So as one theme ends another begins…Didn’t have a clue what it might involve until last night when it came to me while soaking in some ‘spoken word’, (a daily occurence in the home of themusicologist). So to keep it fresh in my heart and mind I would like to share and combine two of my passsions with the crew, music…and the ‘love of wisdom’ or what’s better known as Philosophy.

My intention is to keep the dialogue going and start each slice of musicology with a bit of spoken word followed by what I believe is a piece of musical wisdom. Not sure how it will unfold but as with all the themes on themusicologist I feel compelled by something other than logic or reason so I’ll continue to let intuition be the guide.

Day one features an introduction to the Western Worlds first and still prevalent Ideology, Greek Philosophy. Borrowed from a ‘top ranking’ lecture on the subject by a lecturer called David Roochnik who, for me does a perfect job in explaining the meaning of ‘Dialectic’. A word that I have heard and read many times but until this Cat laid out this definition was never satisfied with my understanding of it. A very important concept that continues to have a major impact on all our lives

The musicology is a fine piece of wisdom from Jamaican vocal group, the Silvertones featuring the talents of Gilmore Grant, Keith Coley and Delroy Denton. Yet another piece of ‘Coxsone’ magic, (first press 45), from the back end of the sixties…


5 thoughts on “musicology #360

  1. certainly looking forward to what this theme ‘throws’ up! already hooked with the definition
    of dialectic, a perfect place to a nice bita reggae..


  2. Thanks for this post, man! I got some good info on the Silvertones at this site where I came across cool stuff about Soul and R&B as well – I found the site really interesting…. Check out their featured artist space and rad up on the Silvertones…..


    1. Allen, welcome to themusicologist and thanks for taking the time to comment.
      I checked that site…interesting. well put together and certainly useful for fans of Soul.
      Is it yours?


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