musicology #356

AlternativeSoundtrack4 #23

(Bobby Bland – St James Infirmary)

Leaving it all to the dialogue and Bobby Bland today..(both from 1961). So you’ll just have to take a listen for yourself if you want to know what’s occured.


5 thoughts on “musicology #356

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  2. Phew, they’re coming thick and fast these past few days….. excellent choices of early sixties music if you don’t mind me saying…. swan songs and swallows. The one, the dying Modernist movement, the other, the “young bucks/Turks” and their “birds”….. who were to become known as Mods!!!


    1. thanks for letting me know..just added the cut !! prepared it this morning while listening to the ‘dawn chorus’ and thought I had added it but obviously not…apologies for leaving you all hanging on the cliff.


  3. the only ‘good’ thing about this messy scene
    is that Eddie finally sees what a sleeze bag Bert
    is and biffs him…a very sad tune which Boby Blands voice makes it possible to listen to!


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