musicology #352

AlternativeSoundtrack4 #19

(Memphis Slim – Mother Earth)

Today’s dialogue is unique in that it’s the first piece that doesn’t feature Paul Newman. The trio have arrived in Kentucky and Eddie has sloped off to join some old pool hustling aquaintances he meets in the foyer of the hotel they are staying at. Bert has aquired two adjoining rooms, (much to Sarah’s disaproval), and the two of them are left to ‘stake their claim’ on the kid. Bert finishes the scene with menace, (the first time we have seen this side of him), leaving an impression that he is not as cool, calm and collected as he prentends to be………

The music today is quite simply one of the best slices known to man, woman, child or beast from the mouth and hands of the majestic Memphis Slim whose career stretched over many decades. Starting out playing ‘Jukes’ in the 1930’s and later in the decade hooked up with Big Bill Broonzy whom he backed on many sessions. He was also a major influence during the 1940’s in the development of what became known later as Rhythm & Blues but at the time was known as ‘Jump’….Have to cut it short here as I’m off to earn a crust and need to get my skates on !!!


4 thoughts on “musicology #352

  1. He. “I ah, want to talk to ya”
    She. “do we need words?”


    He. “today for me, tomorrow for himself”
    She. “no, there’s no tomorrow, not with you. You own all the tomorrows because you buy them today… and you buy cheap”
    He. “well, nobody has to sell”

    Heavy Stuff. Now those are real poison-tipped verbal arrows…. painful!!!

    And the music of Memphis Slim. Don’t come much better (I saw him perform with Willie Dixon live at the 100 Club). Did you know, circa 1962 Memphis Slim moved permanently to ‘ol’ Europe where he was treated with a respect too often denied African-American blues stars at home in the U.S.A. back then. He remained in Paris until his 1988 death, enjoying his stature as an expatriate blues legend.


  2. a menacing scene…masks slipping off all over the shop, n our girl is out of her league I’m afraid…
    n you cant argue with the message from Memphis Slim!


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